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 Renegade Squadron Saves.

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Renegade Squadron Saves. Empty
PostSubject: Renegade Squadron Saves.   Renegade Squadron Saves. I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 6:43 pm

I'ma Start Adding Some Renegade Squadron Saves Here. So Far Ima Post 2 then I will Post more in Time.

Renegade Squadron-Save Data.

Weapon 1:Incinerator, Orbital Strike.
Special Item's:Jet Pack & Stealth Suit.
Health, Speed, Capture Rate, All Level 3.

Rebel Alliance: Neon Green & Shadow Black
Empire: Fully Shadow Black & Neon Green
Republic: Mostly Neon Green & Shadow Black & White
CIS: Mostly Shadow Black & Neon Green & Silver.

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RS Save Data.
Weapons:Bowcaster,Sniper Rifle,
Carbonite Freeze Gun.

Special Item: Jet Pack,Stealth Suit

Health,Speed,Capture Rate,
All Level 3.

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Renegade Squadron Saves.
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